We’re pleased to announce an upcoming writers short story submission of 3000 to 7000 words to an anthology that features mazes as a central theme or motif. We’re looking for stories that explore the idea of being trapped, lost, or challenged in a labyrinthine structure or environment, and that can involve elements of puzzles, secrets, dangers, and escapes. We’re interested in stories that span across genres, such as horror, fantasy, science fiction, and mystery, and that reflect the diversity and creativity of the writers. See the note from the Editor below for more information about what we’re looking for.

We welcome contributions from published authors as well as unpublished and first submissions are strongly encouraged.

Theme Summary: A collection of short stories with mazes and labyrinths to explore the ideas of challenge and mystery of being in an unfamiliar and confusing place.

From the Editor:

“While the theme is mazes or labyrinths, the core of any story is the connection with the reader so focus on well-defined characters and a story line that’s clear and moves to a definite resolution. Don’t spend too much time on descriptions and explanations – world building is fun for authors but can be tedious for readers. For this collection, please, no graphic gore, sex, or horror; these elements are fine to include but often the reader’s imagination is a more powerful ally than blow-by-blow descriptions.”

We founded Creatopia® for creative people, artists, and like-minded folks to create, share and grow while being part of a vibrant community that values the creative arts. This anthology is scheduled to publish late 2024 and the submission form will be available soon. Sign up here for our contributor updates and we’ll send you an email when the call is open.