About Creatopia™: 

Welcome to Creatopia™, a place where creativity flourishes! You’ll find the work of a choir of creative voices to brighten your world. We’re building a new kind of creative community because we believe that creativity should be valued and nurtured as well as being incorporated into amazing things in the world: art, books, music, games, housewares, clothing and so much more!

We founded Creatopia™ for creative people, artists and like-minded folks to create, share and grow while being part of a vibrant community that values the creative arts.

Artists and creators – Welcome to our bright world for support and encouragement in bringing your unique voice and creative projects into the world in a way that values and nurtures your creative soul. We’re here to help you bring joy and prosperity into your creative process and products.

Collectors and customers – Join a select group of discerning people with a love of the creative arts. You’ll have exclusive access to a highly selective, carefully curated collection of creative products unlike any other. Be the first to be a part of this new way of bringing creative work to the world and have private access and inside information to the artists and makers and their process and products.

The Founders:

Nicole Fende
“I see talented artists of all kinds, visual artists, authors, game designers, music artists and more, who have created high quality valuable work but can’t seem to find their market or how to promote their work so it languishes unseen. I want to create an environment where creative people approaches are acknowledged and valued where they can flourish nurture rather than being forced into the old way of doing things.”

“My vision for bringing creative voices to the world is based on my beliefs about creativity and creative products: that curated, quality work always has a place in the world, that artistic creations deserve to be treated and presented with care and love of the creative act, that artists should be compensated for their work and the highest good comes from sustainable relationships all around – between artists, collectors and suppliers.”

“I’m excited to be part of building a community that values creativity because it’s all easier with a helping hand.”

Monette Satterfield
“I’ve been a life-long creator in many different fields and specialties and now it’s time for me to take the long view. I’m ready to turn my creative skills to bringing out and showcasing the best in the creative community as part of the creative legacy I want to leave. I can’t think of a better way to do that than to be part of building a solid and supportive community that values creativity and the joy it brings.”