Treasured. Curated. Creativity. 

The new Creatopia™ Community opening for early access on June 30, 2021 and we’d love to see you there! It’s a private, safe and intimate place for creators, collectors and everyone who loves creativity and the beauty it brings to life to gather and connect.

What is Creatopia™?

Creatopia™ is a place where creativity flourishes! We believe there’s a better way than “business as usual” when it comes to creative people and their work. We want to create a vibrant colorful community that celebrates the creative act – from idea to finished project to connecting artists and collectors. We’re leaving cheap and mass-produced to the factories!

So, who’s it for?

We’re building a unique combination of support for creators and choice for the people who love their work. By serving both creators and collectors with quality and kindness, we believe both artists and their clients will have more creative joy.

  • Creators – Find expert help all the phases of your creative project: from conception to successful product to marketing and promotion.
  • Collectors – Discover unique creative products you’re searching for and connect directly with the artists and makers to know their story.

Is this just another Facebook group?

This is NOT a Facebook group so no manipulative algorithms, AI spying on your posts or personal data piracy. The Creatopia™ Community is a forum where your voice is heard, and your questions are answered.

It’s free, really?

Yes, it’s free to sign up and participate in the community discussions.

Who’s paying for it and why?

Creatopia™ is sponsoring the community and its content. We believe that the creative community is underserved and deserves more support, recognition, and connection.

In full transparency, we do provide paid services and products to members who choose them – there’s no requirement to purchase to join and access the community however. These paid services and products are how we’re able to pay for the community and its resources. The community is organized into three levels: Circle, Creator and Collaborator to accommodate this.

What are these services and products?

We’re committed to the belief that when you do well, we do well, so we’re here to help creators bring their work to the world in ways that don’t suck their creative life dry. To do that we have an extensive, and growing, list of ways to support your creative endeavors.

How is this different from Etsy or Shopify or Patreon?

Because we’re all that and MORE. Etsy, Patreon and the various marketplaces are promotional, marketing and selling tools that we can show you how to use. Our community, processes and resources are deeper and more effective at supporting and valuing your unique creative expression. We carefully curate our content, services and products to bring both creators and collectors the highest quality and satisfaction.

Who are you?

We’re Nicole Fende and Monette Satterfield – two very different, but wholly complementary, people with a vision of making life better through creativity.

Sounds great! How do I get in?

Just sign up right here to be the first to know when the doors open, and you can become a founding member.