Want to see your work published in the Creatopia™ Magazine? Enter our Design Challenge!

Send an artful postcard to the studio and see it in the Spring 2022 Magazine – it’s that simple!

Make a postcard in ANY medium – prose, poetry, collage, painting, drawing, fabric, photography, whatever you’re moved to create by our theme for this issue – and send it by 3/30/22 and I’ll take care of the rest. BE SURE to legibly print your name your name as you’d like to see it credited in the magazine and your email address so I can reach you if necessary.


  • If you want your submission returned, include return postage and an addressed envelope.
  • By sending your work, you are agreeing to our submission guidelines posted here.


The theme of this issue is “Renewal,” and the feature colors are sunshine Daffodil Yellow and rich Iris Violet. Finally, it’s spring and a time of softness, unfurling and renewal and we’re drinking in all that this life-affirming season has to offer.

The world outside is starting to stir with all the life of the season: flowers, birds, youth and freshness. Let’s join hands and breathe the fresh air that renews our very souls!

Share your visions of spring in all its delicacy and complexity: crocus pushing up in the snow, ferns unfolding, fuzzy chicks peeping, soft wooly lambs, sunny daffodils and those delicious first warming days that quicken our senses to life.

This edition celebrates Spring and its return and renewal of life. Check out our sample board for more inspiration.

Questions? Answers!

How is this going to work?

Create a postcard in ANY medium and send it in! Send your artwork (I suggest you send it in a protective envelope) to:

Monette Satterfield, Creatopia

PO Box 242, Enka,

NC 28728

How big can I make it?

Any size you want! As long as the art itself is only on one side, your postcard can be any size you’re inspired to make and want to mail.

How about sticking stuff to it?

Totally encouraged! Just make sure your packaging and return materials accommodate that.

What about international?

Of course! Be sure to include that addressed envelope and I’ll cover your postage.

Can I send more than one card?

Yes, you can send up to 3 cards!

What’s that address again?

Monette Satterfield, Creatopia, P.O. Box 242, Enka, NC 28728

By when?

Make sure you get it in the mail for a postmark of March 30, 2022   so there’s plenty of time for them to arrive.

When are you sending them back?

If you include your addressed envelope and postage for returns, I’ll send them back around the date the magazine is released. I’ll post that in the community and via the newsletter.

Anything else I should know?

Please, please, be sure to include your name (as you’d like to see it credited in the magazine) and your email address (print legibly) so I can reach you if necessary.